Infection Control Solutions

Infection Control Solutions

Day Care Centres and Schools present unique challenges when it comes to implementing infection prevention and control programs. At IPAC Consulting, we know that each environment will experience challenges specific to their individual circumstances. Our certified consultants understand how to implement infection prevention and control programs based on your individual needs and can assist you with practical solutions to keep both you and your students safe and healthy.


At the present time, COVID-19 has not posed significant risks to children. However, the health and safety of our children is of the utmost importance as we learn more about the effects of COVID-19. IPAC Consulting uses current evidence-based research along with the most up-to-date guidelines and recommendations to develop safe work plans, health and safety programs, student health programs, and training and education materials. At IPAC Consulting, we are happy to offer full services or complimentary enhancements to your existing programs. Call us today to ask about our services.

General Day Care Centre or School ASSESSMENT

IPAC Consulting understands that no daycare or school is the same. Our General Assessment provides a solid foundation for the development of your customized infection control program. Our IPAC consultants will conduct an on-site risk assessment and review daily activities and programs to understand the challenges unique to your environment. A thorough review of your policies and procedures, staff education and training, environmental cleaning, and dietary delivery are some of the major topics that will be addressed. Our IPAC consultants will then develop plans, policies and procedures, and training and education materials to help keep staff, students, and families safe and healthy.

Day Care Centre or School PRACTICE AUDIT

Practice Audits allow our certified consultants to take a deep dive into the daily tasks of your teachers, students, and support staff. While the General Day Care Centre or School Assessment provides the groundwork for an effective infection control program, the actions of staff and students allow us to identify gaps, barriers, and obstacles to a properly implemented program. An IPAC Consultant will provide anonymous evaluations along with appropriate discussion during the assessment. Evaluations will focus on general hygiene, hand washing, cleaning, and food delivery programs. Upon completion, you can familiarize yourself with how to improve the implementation of your program through our in-depth written report.

Education and Training

Education is key to ensuring that everyone knows how to best keep themselves and others safe from infection. The Core Principles of infection control are essential knowledge for all Day Care Centre and School staff, and their proper application will ensure that both adults and children stay in the best health possible.

Annual Infection Control Training for Day Care Centres and Schools

The Day Care and School settings provide many unique opportunities for infection transmission, and these modules will help staff learn to mitigate them. Topics discussed include meal preparation, personal hygiene of staff and children, first aid, and environmental cleaning. Once complete, a certificate is presented as proof of completion.

IPAC Policy & Procedure Manuals

Site-specific infection control policies allow all staff and team members to understand what is expected of them, and serves as a reference tool when abnormal situations arise.

Personalized Day Care Centre and School POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL

Our Personalized Policy and Procedure Manual for Day Care Centres and Schools follows regulatory guidelines and covers a wide range of relevant topics including administrative controls, general and hand hygiene, meal preparation and delivery, and environmental cleaning. Your copy of the policies and procedures will be delivered as a spiral bound hard copy to keep on hand at your centre or school.