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Social Services Programs present unique challenges when it comes to implementing Infection Prevention and Control Programs. At, IPAC Consulting we understand that each environment will experience challenges specific to their current circumstances.  


Certified Consultants understand how to effectively implement Infection Prevention and Control Programs based on each individual practice and their required needs. Our Consulting team will provide support within your facility using practical solutions to keep both you and your staff safe and healthy. 


PCR Testing – which detects genetic material to diagnose an active COVID-19 infection.  The collection is through either anterior nares or nasopharyngeal swabs. We guarantee test results back within 48 hours, however, expedited results can be arranged. 

Antigen Testing – while less accurate than PCR testing, Antigen Testing has a much quicker turnaround time. While maintaining a sensitivity rate of 94.6%, results can be available to you within 15 minutes.  The collection is performed through anterior nares swabs, providing a non-invasive alternative.  Talk to one of our registered professionals to ensure this test would be appropriate for the purpose you would be using it for. 

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Our General Assessment provides a solid foundation for the development of your customized Infection Control Program, On-site Risk Assessment. Our Certified Consultants would review your day-to-day activities, including your current processes for environmental cleaning, hand hygiene, staff education, and proper use of personal protective equipment. 


Fit Testing is the most accurate way to determine if a tight-fitting respirator properly fits workers appropriately; it is designed to protect workers from hazardous, airborne agents. Within Canada fit testing is legislated and should be performed by qualified fit testers, ensuring that each participant is receiving the expected level of protection provided by the respirator. Clinical Staff are required to be fitted with the specific respirator model being used within the facility.  

If a worker has never received fit testing before and they are required to wear a respirator, they would need to be provided with the use of a respirator that is in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Ontario’s Occupational Safety Act (OHSA). Workers are required to be re-fitted every two years according to the CSA (Z94.9.1.6), this keeps accuracy and proper fitting to each individual person as changes to individuals face can alter the fit. 

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Infection Control training is a key factor in all businesses, to ensure that staff and volunteers have the knowledge to perform best practices to keep both themselves and others safe. IPAC Consulting has developed education and training specific to the challenges that are often found in your setting. Using content and guidelines from governing bodies, these modules are helpful resources for each individual on reducing opportunities for infection transmission. Your staff will be educated on Hand Hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment, and Environmental Cleaning. 

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