Infection Control Solutions

Infection Control Solutions

Our team of certified consultants are experts in the field of Long-Term Care and Retirement Living. We provide detailed and customized solutions for your home, and understand the challenges infection control principles can have on the unique environment of Long-Term Care and Retirement Living. IPAC Consulting works alongside you to keep a homelike environment while ensuring you are meeting all the IPAC requirements and regulations. Above all, IPAC Consulting assists you with keeping your residents health and safety at the forefront!

COVID-19 Preparedness ASSESSMENT

The current global pandemic has put modern infection prevention and control methods to the ultimate test. As a means to continue our fight against this ever-present threat, it is imperative that all health care facilities have completed a risk assessment, developed policies and procedures, and have provided frontline staff with updated training and education.  IPAC Consulting will conduct an onsite risk assessment to provide you with customized COVID-19 policies and procedures and training for your frontline workers.  We know that the health and safety of both your staff and residents is of the utmost importance to you. Our certified Health and Safety and IPAC Consultants will ensure you have a robust plan going forward.


A certified IPAC Consultant will apply the complex infection control standards to the operation of your long-term care home by auditing policies and procedures, education and training, record-keeping, and physical attributes of your facility, including resident care, environmental services, laundry, and dietary delivery.  This assessment provides on-site confirmation and an in-depth written report of baseline administrative controls as they pertain to infection control requirements. After our visit, you will have a better understanding of any gaps in your practice through our in-depth gap analysis, and our customized action list will help you prioritize the recommendations.  Additional services are offered to assist you with gaps found in your assessment.  See our subscriptions for bundling of services.

Long-Term Care Home PRACTICE AUDIT

Practice Audits are the most important step in ensuring compliance. While the General Home Assessment provides the groundwork for knowledge and understanding regarding set-up, the actions of staff demonstrate their understanding and ability to apply the infection control principles appropriately.  An IPAC Consultant will evaluate staff actions anonymously before, during, and after patient care, with a special focus on tasks such as hand-washing, using personal protective equipment appropriately, and proper cleaning and handling of equipment. Feedback will be discretely provided during the audit, and upon completion, you will understand any gaps through our in-depth written report.

Subscription Programs

Our Subscription Programs allow you to bundle several products and services together to save money and get year long support for your facility’s infection control program. Whether you have a robust program in place and just want a check in with your standing, need to revitalize and update your existing program, or are looking to get a new program up and running, IPAC Consulting can help. All of our programs include on-site assessments, policies, and access to our expert team to help answer your questions as they arise.


The gold level subscription program aims to help you become and stay compliant with the latest infection control requirements throughout the year. It includes a General Home Assessment, 3 Practice Audits, online training, policies, a plaque and letter of completion, a logs and forms resource binder, unlimited priority phone and email access to our consultant team, and updates of changes to practice. This provides complete support to ensure you are protecting your patients, staff, and your practice.


The silver level subscription program helps give your existing infection control program a boost and provides the framework to further develop your program. It includes a General Home Assessment, 1 Practice Audit, generic policies, online training, email access to our consulting team, and updates to changes of practice. This provides support to make sure that your IPAC program is on the right track.


The bronze level subscription program provides an assessment of your established infection control program and provides the groundwork for future improvements. It includes a General Home Assessment, generic policies, a 1 hour follow up phone consultation, and updates to changes of practice. This provides an overview of where you stand and offers direction for improvements at your practice.

Education & Training Services

The first step to a good infection control program is education. We can help ensure you and your staff are trained to handle everything from day to day care to outbreaks in a safe manner while still respecting the dignity of those in their care. Each course provides training via online modules that allow for each staff member to take them when it fits their schedule, and quizzes assess learning before providing the certificate of completion.

Annual Training for Long-Term Care

These online learning modules were written specifically for staff working in long-term care homes. Our modules cover topics such as routine practices, risk assessments, hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, environmental cleaning, and waste and linen handling.


This training session covers handling a respiratory outbreak from detection to conclusion.  Staff will learn about how to determine an outbreak has occurred, how to manage the outbreak and minimize transmission, and additional protective measures to protect both residents and themselves.

Outbreak Training for ENTERIC OUTBREAKS

This training session provides detailed training for the measures to take during an outbreak of gastroenteritis within the home.  Staff will learn how to recognize the signs of infection and how to declare an outbreak, as well as how to manage the outbreak while minimizing transmission to other residents and staff at the home.

IPAC Policy & Procedure Manuals

In order to keep everyone on the same page, it is essential that you have complete and comprehensive policies and resources available to staff. Policies and procedures cover the expectations in various possible scenarios, as well as the steps to take to properly handle conditions as they arise. Additional resources can serve as helpful reminders of what to do in common and uncommon situations.


Our Personalized Policy and Procedure Manual for Long Term Homes follows governing body guidelines and covers a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, administrative controls, hand hygiene, routine practices, and resident care. Our policies and procedures are delivered with one hard-copy spiral bound manual that incorporates information specific to your facility for maximum clarity.

IPAC Consulting also offers our consulting services for a full review of your current policy manual, including recommendations and customizations on a per-hour basis. Don’t have an IPAC policy manual? Purchase our Personalized manual, and we will provide recommended customizations and complete any other customizations that you wish to include for your office.

Reference Manual for Respiratory Outbreaks

The purpose of this manual is to provide written guidelines and the minimum standards to reduce and manage respiratory outbreaks in Long-Term Care Homes. From the detection of an outbreak to declaring an outbreak over, it provides numerous resources and practical tools at your fingertips to guide you through a respiratory outbreak.

Reference Manual for Enteric Outbreaks

This manual provides easily accessible resources for staff to use in the event of an outbreak of enteric disease at their facility.  The convenient 3-ring binder guides the management of the outbreak from start to finish, with an emphasis on safety and reducing transmission.