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Our team of consultants understands that no two outpatient surgical centres are the same, and can help you build a plan based on the needs of your particular centre. We provide feedback and recommendations to help you understand all aspects of your infection control program, and our detailed reports help to get you back on track

COVID-19 Preparedness Assessment

The current global pandemic has put modern infection prevention and control methods to the ultimate test. As a means to continue our fight against this ever-present threat, it is imperative that all health care facilities have completed a risk assessment, developed policies and procedures, and have provided frontline staff with updated training and education.  IPAC Consulting will conduct an onsite risk assessment to provide you with customized COVID-19 policies and procedures and training for your frontline workers.  We know that the health and safety of both your staff and patients is of the utmost importance to you.  Our certified Health and Safety and IPAC Consultants will ensure you have a robust plan going forward.

COVID19 preparedness assessment for outpatient surgical centres
general office assessment for outpatient surgical centres

General Office Assessment for Outpatient Surgical Centres

A certified IPAC Consultant will apply the complex infection control standards to the operation of your outpatient surgical centre by auditing policies and procedures, education and training, record-keeping, and physical attributes of your centre, including your sterilization centre. This assessment provides a verbal on-site confirmation and an in-depth written report of baseline administrative controls as they pertain to infection control requirements. After our visit, you will have a better understanding of any gaps in your practice through our in-depth gap analysis, and our customized action list will help you prioritize the recommendations. The Office Assessment mirrors the Public Health Inspection checklists.

Outpatient Surgical Centre Sterilization Centre Assessment & Design Review

Cross contamination can pose a significant infection risk to patients and is the central focus of Public Health inspections. An IPAC Consultant will examine the plans for your reprocessing areas and identify changes to the physical layout of the Sterilization Centre in order to be compliant with Public Health requirements. Upon completion, you will know what you need to incorporate into your plans or existing sterilization centre to be able to provide a space to safely and effectively reprocess instruments.

sterilization centre assessment and design review for outpatient surgical centres
practice audit for outpatient centres

Outpatient Surgical Centre


Practice Audits are the most important step in ensuring compliance. While the General Office Assessment and the Sterilization Centre Assessment are the groundwork for knowledge and reprocessing area set-up, the actions of staff demonstrate an application of infection control principles and is a main component of a Public Health inspection. An IPAC Consultant will evaluate staff actions anonymously before, during, and after patient care, with a special focus on tasks such as hand-washing, using personal protective equipment appropriately, and proper cleaning and handling of equipment. Upon completion, you will understand any gaps through our in-depth written report.

annual training for outpatient surgical centre clinical staff

Online Training Modules

Education & Training Services

Quality education is essential to ensuring that everyone within your centre is up to date with the core principles of infection control in the office. Our annual online training modules offer a simple solution to helping keep your staff up to date. Each module is structured to ensure the content is being understood, and upon completion, each user will be presented with a certificate.

Annual Training for

This set of online modules offers a complete overview of the infection control topics all workers must be trained in annually. This course includes reprocessing and is ideal for all clinical staff.  It includes detailed information about sterilization, routine practices, hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, and other critical topics.

Annual Training for

These modules include the required topics for staff regarding routine practices and environmental cleaning. This course is ideal for staff in outpatient surgical centres who do NOT work in the reprocessing area. It covers core principle concepts, routine practices, hand hygiene, and other topics everyone in the office should be familiar with.

IPAC Policy & Procedure Manuals

Written office-specific policies and procedures help to keep everyone in your office on the same page with regards to expectations during day-to-day work, as well as serving as a resource to guide staff in less common scenarios. They ensure that everyone within the office follows the same steps in various IPAC related situations that may arise.

Outpatient Surgical Centres Policy Manual


for Outpatient Surgical Centres

Our Personalized Policy and Procedure Manual for Outpatient Surgical Centres follows governing body guidelines and covers a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, administrative controls, hand hygiene, routine practices, and reprocessing. Our policies and procedures are delivered as a hard-copy spiral-bound manual that is easy to keep on hand for reference.

Infection Prevention and Control


for Outpatient Surgical Centres

IPAC Consulting offers our consulting services for a full review of your current policy manual, including recommendations and customizations on a per-hour basis. Don’t have an IPAC policy manual? Purchase our Personalized manual, and we will provide recommended customizations and complete any other customizations that you wish to include for your office.

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