Providing Continuing Education for Long-Term Care Staff

Throughout the Pandemic, stress has been at an all-time high. Whether it’s implementing solutions for testing, or mitigating outbreaks in Long-Term Care homes, there has been no shortage of challenges.  

As things seemingly appear to be moving towards a more manageable future, it is important to reflect on what we’ve learned; for the first time since 2020, we have the ability to collect our findings and implement healthy systems that make progress towards what lies ahead (perhaps with a little bit more serenity than we have had these past 24 months).  

How can we prepare future generations should another pandemic arise? What lessons have we learned from this season and what can we do to prevent them from happening again? What is the best way for our staff to feel supported and grounded? How can we lay the groundwork to give our staff the best chance should the need ever arise again?  

One answer to these questions is continued education.  Investing in your team through e-learning and in-person training is one of the BEST ways to prevent the spread of infection, boost team morale, and lay a foundation for long-term success. At IPAC, we have been intentional with creating resources throughout the pandemic for this very reason. We want to partner with you in providing support and training so that your team feels supported and equipped. Infection prevention and control is not a destination, but rather a journey, and we are here to support you! 

Below is a selection of some of our E-Learning modules, specifically geared towards Long-Term that we know could add value to your team and their pursuit of being the leaders of prevention and control of infectious disease: 

1- Infection Control Fundamentals for Long Term Care & Senior Living
In response to the pandemic, the government of Ontario has legislated that all Long-Term Care homes require a dedicated IPAC lead to provide detailed reporting and support to staff (article here), Our team has built a robust program that will provide your team with a comprehensive knowledge base on the planning, implementation, management and evaluation of infection control. 

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Infection Control Fundamentals for Long Term Care & Senior Living

2- Annual IPAC Training for Long-Term Care Homes 
It is easy to become complacent in your everyday routines and tasks, especially after the pressure that the pandemic placed on our front-line team. This module was created specifically with long-term care staff in mind, designed to refresh them in their everyday duties; from Routine Practices to Hand Hygiene and everything in between.

annual training for long tern care homes

Annual IPAC Training for Long-Term Care Homes


3- Enteric and Respiratory Outbreak Training for LTCs 
The best way to tackle the Gastroenteritis and Acute Respiratory Infection (ARIs) season is to Act and not React. The ability to recognize the first indications of an ARI is key. This module is aimed at preventing an outbreak in your long-term care home but also covers the steps to take if one should occur in all areas of the facility.  

enteric and respiratory outbreak training for long term care

Enteric Outbreak Training for Long Term Care


As the Covid-19 pandemic has progressed, one thing has remained clear; taking action and preparing ourselves as best we can will always be better than reacting. As a society, we have been under incredible amounts of stress and tension, our workloads doubled in some cases, and the mounting pressure to find a solution to the seemingly never-ending challenges. 

But the solution to proper prevention is upskilling and training, and we want to be a part of that solution for you and your team. We offer both in-person and online e-learning customized based on your specific needs and the support to make you feel comfortable.  We know that for us to progress as a society, Infection Control has to be everyone’s responsibility and focus, that we stand stronger together than we do divided.  Let us help you in your fight, let us help you resource your team.  

To see a full list of the training we offer, please visit our website: Click here

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