3 ways to prepare for a Ministry of Labour Occupational Health & Safety Inspection

The health and safety of our workplaces and employees has never been more important than over the last two years with the COVID-19 pandemic.  As we changes and easement of the pandemic restrictions, employers still have a duty to protect the workplace and those within it.  

The requirement of a safe workplace goes far beyond COVID-19.  Continuous workplace health and safety blitzes and inspections have always been part of the the Ministry of Labour’s mandate.  All employers have a duty to ensure compliance and due diligence of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. 

IPAC Consulting can help you be prepared, not only, for when the Ministry of Labour inspectors come knocking on your door, but to truly protect the health and safety of your workplace.

Here are 3 quick tips to prepare your facility for a ministry occupational health & safety inspection:

Signage photo1

1// Signage – It is mandatory for all facilities to have a health & safety board located somewhere in the facility where your employees can easily access it. Signage such as where your first aid kit is located, emergency contact numbers, designated evacuation meeting spot, and workers basic rights should be posted on the bulletin board. Additionally, you need to ensure any health & safety signage for things around the facility, such as emergency eyewash stations, is visibly posted.

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2// Education – All staff must have the required training in health and safety before starting on the floor in any job. Training such as WHMIS and workplace violence & harassment must be completed by each employee, and the health & safety committee in addition to the employers, should have a record of completion on file.

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3//Record Keeping – Record keeping is proof that requirements have been met.  The ability to provide proof of your emergency product checks, your health and safety inspection forms, and your incident forms will build confidence with your inspector.

IPAC Consulting is here to help!  Whether you need just a quick check to validate your process or assistance with building your program, IPAC Consulting is ready and willing to partner with you.

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