N95 Fit-Testing

Qualitative Fit-Testing for N95 Respirator A tight fit is required for N95 masks to protect against aerosols. Fit testing ensures an effective seal so that users are receiving the expected level of protection provided by the respirator. Fit testing is required for all clinical staff members and is specific to the respirator model. It is important to make sure your fit testing is being accessed through a qualified fit tester. Qualitative respirator fit tests and training on the PPE are to be completed every 2 years as per the CSA Standards and enforced through our OH&S Act and Regulations. However, if someone changes jobs, loses or gains a significant amount of weight, had an injury to the face, has changed or been requested to change respirators, or if the hazards of the workplace have been re-assessed – a fit test is required. When in doubt, consult the respirator’s user manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation if under two years.


1. Candidates must be clean shaven within 16 hours as per the CSA Standards.

2. Please remove facial jewelry or other items that come between the skin and respirator.

3. Fit tests are done on an exact make and model of respirator(s). Therefore, you will need to secure enough stock to ensure you’ll have access to the respirator you wish to be fit-tested on.

4. Candidates are required to provide their own respirator(s) to be fit-tested on. If it is an N95/P95/R95 Particulate Respirator that you’re looking to be fit-tested on, we recommend bringing at least two makes/models in case one is not a fit.

5. Candidates should not eat, drink, or smoke for 30 minutes prior to testing, as this may affect their results.

6. COVID Notice – PPE is in high demand and N95 masks may not be available for purchase with reliability. Please be prepared to bring your own NIOSH-approved N95 or a Health Canada approved KN95 to be fit tested on.