Infection Control Risk Assessment

The infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) should be conducted before the design begins, prior to construction and again when the projected is commissioned. The ICRA should inform:

  • Building design features
  • Location of segregated treatments areas and requirements for negatively pressured spaces
  • Air handling and ventilation needs
  • Water systems and requirements to decrease or prevent water-bourne pathogens
  • Locations for soiled areas, clean utility and storage areas
  • Requirements for sterilization and reprocessing areas
  • Locations of known hazards
  • Continuous monitoring of infection prevention and control measures
  • Emergency requirements (eye wash stations, decontamination shower, etc)
  • Locations and design of sinks, food preparation areas and exam spaces
  • Requirements for public spaces
  • Finishes, furnishings and surfaces

It is of the utmost importance that the ICRA is incorporated into the specifications of planning and design.

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