Enteric Outbreak Training for Long Term Care


15% seat discount for 10 or more seats.

These online learning modules written specifically for staff in long-term care facilities will satisfy infection control requirements and support for infection control work-flows.

Gastroenteritis, typically caused by viral transmission, is highly contagious. Vigilantly following infection control measures will greatly reduce transmission to patients and staff.

In this online module staff will learn how to recognize the first indications of gastroenteritis, how to identify a potential outbreak, and how to best manage an outbreak if one occurs. Content covers outbreak management for all areas: health care providers, environment cleaning, technicians, laundry, and food services.

  • Description & definition
  • Symptoms
  • Surveillance
  • Case definition
  • Detection & Management
  • Outbreak definitions
  • Outbreak measures for residents, staff, environmental services, laundry, maintenance, food
  • Quiz with printable results
  • Completion certificate
  • Restricted navigation so all slides must be completed

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