IPAC Essential Membership for Dentistry

$275.00 / month for 12 months

The silver level subscription program helps give your existing infection control program a boost, and provides the framework to further develop your program. It includes a General Office Assessment, 1 Practice Audit, generic policies, online training, email access to our consulting team, and updates to changes of practice. This provides support to make sure that your IPAC program is on the right track.

Get the “Essentials” that you need to meet IPAC requirements. With this subscription the services included are:

  1. One General Office Assessment
  2. One Practice Assessment
  3. Access for 5 users to IPAC Consulting’s Online Learning Modules for Dentistry
  4. Unlimited access to a Certified IPAC Consultant by email
  5. One hard copy of IPAC Consulting’s Generic Policies and access to the online version with real-time updates
  6. Monthly newsletter subscription
  7. Notification of changes to best practice guidelines and standards

Let us help you stand with the best.