IPAC Basic Membership for Dentistry

$150.00 / month for 12 months

The bronze level subscription program provides an assessment of your established infection control program, and provides the groundwork for future improvements. It includes a General Office Assessment, generic policies, a 1 hour follow up phone consultation, and update to changes of practice. This provides an overview of where you stand, and offers direction for improvements at your practice.

“The Basics” are a handful of services and support to supplement your current IPAC initiatives. For the duration of the 12-month subscription, you will receive:

  1. General Office Assessment
  2. 1-hour follow-up phone after you receive the assessment report
  3. Access to our online Generic Policies with real-time updates
  4. Monthly newsletter
  5. Notification of changes to best practice standards and guideline

Let us help you stand with the best.