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Are you overwhelmed with the new Health, Safety, and Infection Control regulations for the Film and Television Industry?

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Film Production COVID-19 Testing


IPAC Consulting offers testing at your convenience. We aim to provide you with 24 hour turnaround time but guarantee your results within 48 hours.


IPAC Consulting offers a complete team for your safety. Our Covid Compliance
Team will use our expert knowledge in Infection Prevention and Control and Health and Safety to ensure the safety of your production. We can assist in developing, implementing, and enforcing Covid protocols, vetting locations,
and providing support to ensure that your production operates smoothly. Our team consists of Covid Compliance Supervisor, Covid Coordinators, and Covid PA.



IPAC Consulting Clean Team provides comprehensive cleaning solutions using advanced technologies such as Electrostatic Cleaning to ensure the highest quality of service is delivered. We use the Clorox Total 360® Electrostatic Sprayer to provide effective and efficient disinfection solutions to film sets and offices. This system is EPA-approved (EPA Reg. #67619-38), an effective sanitizer of soft surfaces, kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds and has 44 organism claims (kills cold and flu viruses, MRSA, and norovirus in 2 minutes or less). It is easy-to-use, a one-step disinfecting process that requires little to no downtime. This system turns disinfectant liquid into charged aerosolized droplets so that they are attracted to surfaces through electrostatic forces – this ensures thorough disinfection of even the most hard-to-reach areas. Our highly trained team performs cleaning and disinfection from sets, lunch areas, frequently touched surfaces to deep cleaning should a positive case arise.


Health and Safety Consultants on a film production have the responsibility
of conducting the daily safety briefing for the crew. These briefings including
outlining protocol and regulations that all crew members must follow such
as personal protective equipment use and care. Additional roles of the
health and safety consultant include ensuring the workplace is following the
Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Ontario Fire Code, and the Ontario
Building Code regulations. It is the consultant’s job to ensure the workplace is a safe environment through compliance with the protocol and education of employees.

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