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Policy and Procedure ManualDental Sample PDF


Our Policy and Procedure Manuals for Dentistry follows governing body guidelines and covers a wide range of topics including but not limited to administrative controls, hand hygiene, and reprocessing.

Customized policies can be provided to your specific equipment that you use onsite.

Click the cover image to download a sample policy manual for a full table of contents and sample policy pages.

Education Focus Sessions

Education is fundamental to ensure compliant practice among your staff. Onsite education sessions can be customized to include seminars and discussions on the specific topics of concern for your practice. Some of the topics we cover include understanding policies and procedures, sterilization requirements and use of your exact equipment, personal protective equipment, proper environmental cleaning in operatory, required moments for hand hygiene and appropriate techniques and products, routine practices, prevention of blood and body fluid exposure, and basic reprocessing techniques. The options for customization range from comprehensive half day session to quick 45-minute lunch-and-learns.

Feedback and Re-education

Changing staff practice and office culture does not happen after one audit or education session; it is a process. Human factor in change management suggests that education should occur in “batches” to allow staff to process and incorporate changes into practice. Through this format of education, positive deviance principals are included in change management, which allows for long lasting practice and culture modifications.

Online Learning Modules

Online learning modules written specifically for dentistry staff to satisfy infection control requirements provide support and education especially for the dental environment and work-flows. The Ministry requires annual, formalized IPAC training for all clinical staff with an evaluation component and documentation of training received. In addition, all new hires must also have formalized, evaluated training in infection control principals. Our education modules will allow you to meet these requirements.

The participant has the flexibility to complete the content at their own pace, at home or in the office. At the end of every module, a quiz evaluates the participant’s learning and an 80% pass rate provides the learner with a certificate of completion.

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