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Dental Practice Compliance Program

Our Infection Control Compliance Program will ensure that you meet the infection control standards of the applicable regulatory bodies.

Our Compliance Program is our flagship dental assessment that provides a complete analysis of infection prevention standards in your dental office. The first step is our General Office Assessment, providing an in-depth written report of what you are doing well and any gaps in administrative controls and a task list of what your office can do to close the gaps that Public Health inspectors look for. Then, the Practice Audits assess staff in action, evaluating compliance to infection prevention standards such as hand hygiene, operatory cleaning, and reprocessing. Finally, a thorough look at your sterilization centre will ensure you are making the most of the space you have and applying infection control principles in this high risk area. Upon successful completion of the program, your office will receive a Letter of Compliance and a Certificate of Completion to display. To achieve compliance, offices must satisfy all requirements within the General Office Assessment and demonstrate 80% compliance for two sequential Practice Audits.

These components are also available as individual assessments and additional support services can be utilized at any time.

General Office Assessment

The General Office Assessment will provide you with an overview of your current infection control compliance according to Public Health’s checklists: Infection Control in Dental Practice Checklist and Reprocessing Audit Checklist. This assessment gives a baseline of administrative controls (policies and procedures, education and training, physical layout of the office setting) and practices reported by the staff; it does not assess observed practices. Pursuant to the assessment, you will receive your office’s compliance score along with our professional recommendations and a task list to guide you towards full compliance.

Practice Audit

The Practice Audit provides a baseline result of actual practices within each office. Practice Audits are the most important
step for ensuring compliance; yet, they are often omitted from compliance solutions. While the General Office Assessment lays the groundwork, the actual practices of staff are of the main components of Public Health inspections. Our Practice Audit identifies areas of low compliance and key areas for improvement in the following areas:

  • Proper moments for hand hygiene
  • Practices and physical arrangement within the sterilization centre
  • Environmental cleaning of operatories
  • Routine practices, including proper use of personal protective equipment

Sterilization Centre Assessment

Stand for the best sterilization operations to protect your patients.
Cross contamination can pose significant infection risk to patients and is the central focus of Public Health inspections. An IPAC Consultant will identify changes to the physical layout of the sterilization centre in order to be compliant with Public Health requirements. Upon completion, you will understand any gaps through our advanced risk matrix and gap analysis, and be able to develop a plan to correct them with our action list.  Further services for sterilization centre design are available with our customized recommendations and experience in health-care design consultations.

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