Dentistry Services

Infection Control Solutions

General Office Assessment

A certified IPAC Consultant will apply the complex infection control standards to the operation of your dental clinic by auditing policies and procedures, education and training, record-keeping, and physical attributes of your dental clinic. This assessment provides a verbal on-site confirmation and an in-depth written report of baseline administrative controls as they pertain to infection control requirements. After our visit, you will have a better understanding of any gaps in your practice through our in-depth gap analysis, and our customized action list will help you correct them efficiently. The Office Assessment mirrors the Public Health Inspection checklists.

Sterilization Centre Assessment & Design Review

Cross contamination can pose significant infection risk to patients and is the central focus of Public Health inspections. An IPAC Consultant will identify changes to the physical layout of the Sterilization Centre in order to be compliant with Public Health requirements. Upon completion, you will understand any gaps through our advanced risk matrix and gap analysis, and be able to develop a plan to correct them with our action list.

Practice Audits

Practice Audits are the most important step for ensuring compliance. While the General Office Assessment and the Sterilization Centre Assessment offer the groundwork for knowledge and reprocessing area set-up, the actions of staff demonstrate an application of infection control principles and is a main component of a Public Health inspection. An IPAC Consultant will evaluate staff actions anonymously before, during, and after patient care, with a special focus on tasks such as handwashing, using personal protective equipment appropriately, and proper cleaning and handling of equipment. Upon completion, you will understand any gaps through our in-depth written report, and our customized action list that will be provided to you.

Compliance Program

Bundle the General Office Assessment and two Practice Audits to complete our Compliance Program. Once you have satisfied any outstanding action items identified on your audits and have received 80% compliance on two consecutive Practice Audits, we will vouch for your practice by issuing a Compliance Letter and a Certificate of Completion to put on display at your dental clinic.